Recreation Centre



Built in 1912 to replace a building burnt down in 1909 due to a strike of lightning.



The club throughout the years was the centre of the village’s social life. It was the mother club to all the sports clubs in the village. Over the years many dances, social gatherings etc. have been held in the hall and its conference rooms. It has been used as a museum, reading room and a tea room. During the war it was handed over to the YMCA to entertain the troops stationed in the village. Ouma Smuts also visited the club during the war years.



About 1942, Italian POWs painted huge murals on the walls of the main hall. These were covered in 1947 with boarding to improve acoustics in the hall for the newly installed cinema projectors. They were re-discovered in 1994 and renovated. There is also a brass plaque in the hall dedicated to 41 men of the district who lost their lives during the First World War.



It is impossible to overstate the magnificence of this building. The building was sold by Premier Mine and is now also used as a restaurant and functions centre. It is popular with visitors to the village who come to look at the murals as well as a photographic display.






Recreation Club about 1912






Recreation Club during Second World War








Recreation Centre today.






Murals painted by Italian POWs






Hall of Recreation Centre




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