The Town Of Cullinan

Gem of Gauteng

The charming little village of Cullinan with its mine village character - its historic stone and corrugated iron mine workers’ houses, offices and churches, a throwback to the mining times of the early 1900s - lies 30 kilometres east of the city centre of Pretoria, and is a must on anyone’s itinerary when in this part of the world. The big hole at the Cullinan Diamond Mine is spectacular to see and is reportedly four times the size of the Kimberley ‘Big Hole’. Cullinan is famous for the discovery of what became known as the Cullinan Diamond - the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found that gave rise to the Great Star of Africa - the largest polished gem from the stone, also known as Cullinan I.

Birding Weekend Cullinan Conservancy

The birding event takes place annually with in the Cullinan Conservancy, it usually takes the form of recording the birds in ones garden, updating the list and returning it to the office.

Gradually it has grown and we have included small groups doing the wetlands for us and a few of us do nocturnal birds.

This year we will have a group from our School Rangers (Grade 4 to 11) doing a survey as well.

If you know of anyone that can assist as a team leader please let me know. We only work within the borders of the Cullinan Conservancy, but encourage people in other areas to get involved.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Joan-Louise du Toit
Cullinan Conservancy

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